Review-Rogue State: a phenomenal indictement of Washington decisions both past and present

Rogue state: A guide to the worlds only superpower (updated edition)
William Blum
Zed Books, 2014

Blum’s book does an excellent job of illustrating the flaws and double standards in US foreign policy. He shows, in a clearly laid out manner, how the US has for some time been engaged in open acts of aggression, commonly not in the national interest. He examines the various ways that the US has complicit or supportive of violent coups, aggressive invasions, targeted assassinations and genocide and how this has left the US heavily isolated on the world stage.

Blum also talks about how effective US propaganda is at covering these topics and how selectively US actions are covered. touching on phenomena such as censorship by omission and Media silence. The book should serve as a stark wake-up call, both to those who doubt the US is an empire, and those who believe that this policy is in both the national and global interest. the book does an admirable job of showing how 9/11 and similar terror attacks, whilst inexcusable, can be explained and that many people do have legitimate grievances with the US.