geopolitics in the 21st century

  • Prisoners of geography, Tim Marshall, 2015
  • The world in conflict, John Andrews, 2015

geopolitics of oil

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  • This Isn’t Your Father’s OPEC Anymore,  Jason Bordoff, 2018

geopolitics of the oceans

  • Sea power, James Stavridis, 2017
  • Super Highway, Chris Parry, 2014

Geopolitics of the Middle East

  • The age of Jihad, Andrew Cockburn, 2017
  • Yemen Endures: Civil War, Saudi Adventurism and the Future of Arabia, Ginny Hill, 2017
  • On Saudi Arabia,  Karen Elliot House, 2012
  • The Battle for Syria: International Rivalry in the New Middle East, Christopher Phillips, 2018